eDiscovery & Evidence Review

Since the introduction of the Electronic Documents Questionnaire in the UK in October 2010, there has been a clear move towards better and more cost-effective management of the electronic discovery and disclosure process. We have seen this reflected in other jurisdictions as they develop strategies to manage e-disclosure.

The UK’s new regime on electronic disclosure¬†– introduced following the Jackson review – requires parties to identify the sorts of electronic documents which may be relevant to a case, show where these might be located and give estimates of costs associated with their retrieval, review and production for disclosure.

Clearly, there are considerable advantages to working with an experienced technical partner to assist from the outset. Such a partner can help you to identify relevant documents, design the best approach to disclosure and use effective technology to achieve the best result in terms of quality, time and cost.

We have experience of dealing with e-disclosure process, ranging from a few hundred documents to several million. We can help to map a company’s data landscape so that only relevant electronic material is captured. We can then filter and sort this information and make it available to your review team for tagging and classification via our secure online review platform from anywhere in the world.

Once the appropriate material has been selected for disclosure (with redactions as required), we can convert proprietary file types into a format which all parties can access and then package all of the material into a disclosure bundle, along with schedules and guidance notes. Where necessary, this bundle can be exchanged immediately between parties via our online secure document exchange, thereby reducing time pressures.

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